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We offer an eclectic, always expanding collection of stock photography. Our stock image galleries hold royalty free, photographs of extraordinary quality and artistry.

Stock photographic images are available in 5 photo sizes and are at affordable prices. The smallest and least expensive stock photos are 250 kilobytes perfect for inclusion on web pages and blogs. Our largest images are ± 7 megabytes and can be reproduced in any fine art or poster applications. The intermediate sizes make excellent gifts in the 8 by 10 inch and 11 or 12 by 14 to 17 inch range. They are also well suited as both physical and electronic page backgrounds.

Our collection hosts stock images of everything from antiques and art through waterfalls and wildlife. Already know what you want? Every image is multiple key word tagged. Search the collection using the search box in the upper right of his page, to assemble them into temporary galleries. Not sure? Feel free to browse the galleries and sub-galleries.
  • Most of our stock photographs are geo-tagged. As far as we know, As I Found It is the only stock image service that offers this feature.
  • Our stock services is unique, you do not need to join or subscribe to anything.
  • We offer technical articles for those interested. Our article authors are vastly experienced photographers and artists.
  • The Image Wrangler is our monthly news letter with brief image back stories about our stock photographs, announcements. As I Found It shares the Image Wrangler with our sister site Ideal Totem.
  • The As I Found It & Ideal Totem blog is full of essays, images and links to all kinds of images, and information about stock photography and the narrative of seeing.
  • We also have new and exciting products. The latest innovation is called a DIE.
DIE’s are Digital Image Essays. They are thematic automated slide shows that can run on almost any graphic display device. The intrinsic narrative of every stock image and artistic photograph is magnified and enhanced when placed into the DIE format.

The images found here are a small part of our world, as I, we or you encounter it, as found. We photographers make our image for a variety of reasons. Each forms a small part of our unique view of the world and another segment of our personal, collective and shared narrative. It is through sharing that view, those narratives, we form a social bond with others. I hope you will take the time to share our narratives.

N.B. Don’t forget our sister site Ideal Totem for all you Texture and Pattern needs.
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Imaging A Different World by: Dennis Nikols (Founder AIFI)
Take an ordinary lack lustre image and make a bold, creative artistic statement. Dennis shows you how and why you can easily do it yourself. Article includes 11 images to illustrate some of the possibilities. download to read the rest of the article

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